Submitting your abstract

Each year, we ask the members of the community to submit an abstract outlining an idea they would like to present during Space Resources Week. Through this exchange, we aim to create an inclusive ecosystem for collaboration and growth.

We have put together several topics for which you can register your interest and submit an outline. Once the portal for abstracts submission closes, our scientific committee comprising of experts from ESRIC, LSA and ESA will start their review process, taking into account this year's theme.

Should an abstract not be selected for an oral presentation, the scientific committee may invite the authors to contribute with a poster in the dedicated session. Further practical information (timing, duration of the talks etc.) will be sent to the selected abstract authors at a later stage, after the selection process.

The authors warrant and represent holding intellectual property rights on the research work presented in their abstract.

The deadline to submit your abstract was 07 November 23:30 (GMT+2)

Overall theme

Shaping global priorities and coordinating efforts to advance space resource utilization towards cleaner space activities beyond exploration

Areas of interest

 Moon, Mars, Asteroids


Multidisciplinary outlook of a future using space resources

For this topic, we are exploring ways to leverage expertise from diverse fields and encourage collaboration with other disciplines to collectively develop a coherent ISRU architecture for the future – we are looking for submissions related to in-space manufacturing, space-based solar power, refueling etc.

Commercialization needs

The sustained and sustainable space exploration requires a strong and common effort from both the public and the private sector. What are the commercial needs of new-space ventures? Who is the customer and how can science facilitate the development of an in-space economy? These are some of the questions we are targeting with this topic, for which we would be happy to receive inputs related to dual-market case studies, public-private partnerships, market needs etc.

Data to support space resources and space exploration:

The first step towards assessing what are the available resources and exploring ways to enable their use, is to have the appropriate and complete data. This topic welcomes submissions related to remote sensing and in-situ analysis of regolith.

ISRU Operations

We can only go further in our space exploration if we have a solid infrastructure put in place. Topics such as excavation, extraction, logistics, processing and production are open for ideas from the research community.

Use cases for space resources and technology applications

From 3D printing and manufacturing, to construction and propellant production in-situ, the applications of space resources are boundless and fascinating. Submit your idea to discuss real-world scenarios, potential markets, and the evolving demands that space resources could fulfill. Share your vision of how space resources can play a vital role in humankind’s future, both in Space and on Earth.

Infrastructure and supporting technology

Creating the infrastructure for a sustainable off-Earth operations involves not only advanced technology but also innovative approaches for design, construction, and maintenance. We invite abstracts that delve into the complex requirements of space infrastructure, including transportation, power systems, and mining facilities. Explore the challenges and solutions for setting up long-lasting, sustainable and adaptive

Technology transfer

The benefits and opportunities from active exchanges of knowledge between Earth and Space technologies are numerous and go both ways. For this topic we are looking for ideas and concepts that could arise at the intersection of the two fields, with the goal of ultimately improving life on Earth.

Entrepreneurs' spotlight

For this section we are looking for innovative ideas and technologies coming from entrepreneurs and small-scale ventures (with less than 10 employees). Tell us more about your vision and how you plan to put things in action. If selected, you will have the chance to join the dedicated start-up corner in the exhibition area.

ATTENTION: By submitting your abstract for this section and if selected, you are committing to a contribution of EUR 900, that includes:

  • A dedicated space for your exhibition in the start-up corner (in the networking area)

  • Opportunity to pitch your concept in a parallel session, during the third day of the conference

  • Recognition on the event website (including logo, link to website)

  • Recognition in pre-event publications (i.e., newsletter, Email blasts, etc.)

  • 1 high-table and 1 chair are included as part of your stand

  • 1 complementary invitation (value EUR 150)

Submitted an abstract?